At SoASIA, we pride ourselves on our owner-aligned fee structure, no hidden cost, simple and clear contracts, and cost-effective business practices.

Performance, with the right products and locations, SoASIA can match anyone in bottom-line generation and payback on investment, in good and bad times.

Partnership, Owner mindset : we understand the needs of hotel investors because SoASIA Hospitality and its shareholders will remain the largest single owners of hotels we manage.

Passion, among the many brands and markets we cover, we retain a passion for making every owner’s property a success, through reputation.

Exciting F&B concepts, we are striving toward innovative F&B concepts to ensure hotel owners return on investments.
Great spas, our Fit & Breeze Spa Brand offer a top-level Indonesia and Asia experience, combining guest satisfaction with a commercial approach on behalf of our owners. 

Culture of service, our passion comes from employees who are handpicked, trained thoroughly and imbued

with a spirit of warm hospitality and attention todetails.